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Unlike ROVs, which are controlled by pilots from the ship, an AUV or autonomous underwater vehicle can travel in the sea without real-time input from an operator. These free-swimming vessels function without tethers and cables (although acoustic communication is possible), and usually follow preplanned routes along which they can map the seafloor quickly and at high-resolution. At the same time, the ship can be used for other experiments or mapping of the bathymetry of a nearby area. After the AUV has returned to its programmed location, data can be downloaded from the vessel and processed.


AUV operations: autonomous mapping of the seafloor


During this summer’s cruise, we will bring the Kongsberg Hugin AUV to map the shallow hydrothermal areas near Jan Mayen (less than 1000 m water depth).


Hugin AUV (image from km.kongsberg.no)

Read more about the Hugin AUV on the Kongsberg website or in this brochure, or find out about AUV operations during the CGB cruise in 2010 here.