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Read here articles from the Centre for Geobiology (CGB) website about the major discoveries and achievements of the Centre.

Temperature sampling of a black smoker

Vents and deep sea

Morway's extended economic zone

CGB at the UN

UiB researchers help make Norway bigger
March 27, 2009 a UN Commission under the Law of the Sea decided to accept Norway’s application to extend the boundaries of its exclusive economic zone: Norway is now 10% bigger! Many UiB researchers from a number of different research groups at UiB, including CGB, have been involved in collecting and analysing the geological data that was used to support the application. The final convincing piece of evidence was gathered by CGB researchers during the research cruise summer 2008. Defining the limits of the continental shelf – CGB to the UN (page 5)


Deep Sea Biology

  • Finding deep sea stepping stones
    A chance discovery of a sunken log on the seabed in the North Atlantic is providing concrete support for the idea that stepping stone habitats may help to explain the diffusion of populations of organisms across the deep seafloor.
  • Sponges as nutrient sources and sinks in the marine ecosystem
    Sponges are major constitutes of coral reef and deep sea communities.
  • New species discovered
    UiB researchers have discovered new species at the northern end of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
  • Meet Dumbo, the deep sea octopod who hangs out around deep vents!
  • Whale falls, sunken logs and other natural laboraties and stepping stones in the deep sea: BIO-CGB set up some whale falls to study 2007  2008  more on 2007

Water sampling at the Jan Mayen vents

CO2 and Climate research at CGB

microbial biotextures

Early Earth and Astrobiology research at CGB

Microbiology analyses

Microbiology and Bioprospecting


– making energy from chemicals: it is a process that makes life possible in extreme environments, such as the deep sea where the absence of sunlight makes photosynthesis impossible