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About the cruise

Researchers from the Centre for Geobiology will begin their annual research cruise 16 July, once again on the G.O. Sars.


Cruise activity is weather sensitive!

Research cruise activity is dependent on reasonable to good weather conditions. Different equipment tolerate different weather conditions. The final decisions concerning a given day’s research activity thus are made each day.

While this means that researchers must be flexible in their planning, it also means that cruise planners must include a range of gear which may or may not be used. Poor conditions for one type of sampling activity might enable researchers to undertake another type.

Follow along!

Who knows what might actually happen each day. Experience from past years has shown that discoveries are almost a near certainty in this poorly explored part of Norway’s economic region! Read the blog to find out what is keeping us busy in the Arctic sea, check the current position of the ship or explore the plans and background rationale of the cruise using the links below.


Cruise plan

Background info on the hydrothermal systems of the Arctic mid-ocean ridge

Previous cruises read blogs and press releases from previous cruises

Interesting articles about cruise research


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Scientists trying the lifesuits on board the G.O. Sars