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Bio-nights in the Arctic

27. July, 2014

Skrevet av: Publisert: Sunday, July 27th, 2014

Today, the marine biologists – better known to the rest of the science crew as the ‘guys that sample the stinky animals’ – report on their sampling nights and intriguing finds from the Kolbeinsey and Jan Mayen ridges.

While much of the daytime has been used for AUV mapping and ROV dives, the nights have been the busiest for the biologists. So far we have had two dedicated bio-nights, where we used our trawl and sled to get samples of the animals living on the seafloor. In addition the geologists have been dredging for rocks for two nights, and then we have been ready on deck to get the biological by-catch.


Sorting out the by-catch from the rock-dredge.


Sieving samples on deck.

In the sled samples we got a lot of mud that needed to be washed and sieved to find the animals within, but it was worth the effort! Especially the second bio-night, when we got many individuals of a small calcareous sponge that we were hoping to find. The sledge samples also contained a wide variety of bristle worms, crustaceans and other small animals. The trawl samples usually bring up larger animals, and in the picture below you can see the cocktail of shrimps, brittle stars, fish and various other deep-sea creatures that we got from the trawl at almost 2000 m depth close to Jan Mayen.


Sorting the sieved samples in the lab. Almost like a treasure hunt!


Megafauna-cocktail from 2000 m deep.


Baby octopus looking out from his egg.


Although the first whole night of work was hard because we had been up since breakfast, we have gotten into the rhythm of sleeping during the day, and working during the night. The midnight sun makes the arctic nights just as bright as the days, which makes is so much easier to stay awake.


Sunshine at 3 AM.


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  1. We are very proud of you, Adriana.

  2. MALENA says:

    Amazing job…save the seas, save the earth!!
    Keep up the good work

  3. mamucha says:

    We see you overcome what you like. I congratulate adri

  4. Mamucha says:

    Congratulations Adri, that beautiful and interesting work!! this expedition.

  5. Iraima says:

    Que chevere Adry estas en tu mundo. Valió la pena toda la dedicación durante el estudio de la carrera y el posgrado. Ahora sus frutos y maravillosa experiencia.Orgullosa de tu logros y los que faltan. Felicidades un Beso y un fuerte abrazo hija que Dios te Bendiga siempre. cuidate mucho

  6. Isbeliz says:

    Wuao más fino Adry bella mi sobrinita adorada que orgullo,verte en la foto,estas en tu área ,en tu mundo, gracias a Dios que estas ejerciendo tu carrera como es,y es una dicha muy grande ya que no todo el mundo lo logra así. pero tu con tu tenacidad y esfuerzo, lo lograste y lo hiciste realidad te felicito mi niña bella, Dios te bendiga y sigue adelante que todo lo que te propongas se te va a dar, porque te lo mereces, por tu mística y dedicación a tu trabajo,te quiero mucho,besos y abrazos.

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